Living a Flavorful Life

I’m a flavor maven, chef and food consultant living in Connecticut. I work the savory side as a cookbook author and recipe developer. But many know me for my expertise in bread baking and desserts. As a food writer, I travel the world visiting almond growers, bakers, flavor scientists, pastry chefs and all manner of farm and fishery.

My position as the President of American Almond Products ensured a lifelong ambassadorship for the almond industry. Almonds are my passion. And the lens through which I view the complex world of small farms, agribusiness and the global food system. (Green almonds are my springtime favorite.)

See me with talk almonds with Martha Stewart on Martha Bakes!

Companies hire me to educate and inform those who are passionate about food – be they home cooks, professionals or members of a brand team. As a creative leader, I inspire others to be bold and curious in their food discoveries,


As seen with Martha Stewart

The almond segment appears on Martha Stewart’s PBS Show, Martha Bakes! We talked about almond
forms and the myriad things one can make with almonds sweet and savory.

The show aired at 3:30 PM on CPTV on Saturday April 6, 2019, Season 11.