Photos clockwise from top: Bagel Basics Class, Rhode Island Food Bank Community Kitchen; New Pastry Trends Presentation, Bakery China; Martha Bakes Taping Season 11; Bakery Demo Rich Products, Shanghai, China; Serving Spit-Roasted Lamb, Chester, CT.

Work with Me

My team and I offer a full range of culinary services for food businesses and publications.  If you seek support for your specialty food business, restaurant, cookbook, or test kitchen, consider our expert services at your disposal.

Culinary Content Development

Let me help you tell your story through food and recipes. My services are customized to each project and broken down to ensure you get exactly what you expect. If you choose to work with me, you will be engaged at each step of your culinary adventure.

Together we can:

  • Identify and craft content in your brand voice.
  • Develop flavor first consumer recipes for digital, print, and new consumer products.
  • Write clear, concise, marketing collateral such as use and care manuals and FAQ’s.
  • Create infographics, webinars, Q+A’s or other technical materials on cooking techniques, ingredients and how-to’s that make your ingredient or appliance shine.

Let us help support and execute your food communication plan. I am a persuasive communicator who is an experienced spokesperson and trade show representative in the US and abroad. Artisan baking, confectionery, housewares, specialty and natural foods are my beat.

Recipe Development and Editing

Over 4,000 recipes have crossed my desk. Simple or complex, each requires a sharp eye to ensure the desired results.
Contact me to help you:

  • Create enticing recipes.
  • Adapt professional recipes for the home cook.
  • Convert weights and measures from metric to US.
  • Edit foreign recipes for the North American user.
  • Develop criteria for recipe testing programs.

Years of editing and teaching food writing have honed my skills. Need assistance with reviewing and editing your materials? I can help. Conceiving, drafting, and revising educational materials and culinary curricula is a specialty.


Photos clockwise from top: Bakery China; Spit Roasting Lamb; Bread Baking Basics, Boston University

Culinary Experiences Available to Spotlight Your Brand

As an award-winning textbook author and culinary educator, I have designed programs for professional and avocational cooking schools and retail shops. Working together, I will help you feature your brand with lively and informative classes, media events or workshops, whether in personal or virtual.

Topics to consider include:

  • Wood Grilling and Hearth Cooking Techniques
  • Awaken Your Palate: Flavor Trends and the Science of Taste
  • Baking Artisan and Whole Grain Breads at Home
  • Sustainable Cooking with a Mediterranean Vibe
  • Seasoning with Scent
  • Global Baking and Pastry Trends
  • Almonds in New Products, in Artisan Baking, in Classic French Patisserie
  • Nuts in Plant-Forward Cooking

Engaging Media Tours & More

Being a creative leader and culinary community builder, I have engaged with the food blogging community to establish brand visibility and credibility.
Together we can develop farm-to-fork virtual or IRL tours that engage the media, consumers, and other stakeholders. My team and I can help educate your sales and marketing staff on product use, FAQ’s and more or train the trainers within your organization through cooking demonstrations and team building exercises.

Tracking Food Trends

My keen observations and study of the baking and food industries allows me to research and identify next generation food trends. My focused and systematic techniques help bring meaningful
content that supports your goals. For more than 25 years, I’ve been active in the global baking industry starting with my role as President of American Almond Products. Baking, confectionery, and snacks are areas where my expertise runs deep.

My expertise will help develop your:

  • Competitive market analysis.
  • Flavor trend forecasts.
  • Line extensions and cutting-edge ideas for new product concepts.