Holiday Baking for Smart Cookies

For many years, I taught a cooking class called Holiday Baking for Smart Cookies. I’d forgotten about this until Pem McNerney of Shore Publishing asked me for some cookie baking tips.

Like most time-pressed cooks, I follow a few steps to avoid the holiday baking frenzy. Breaking down the work into short bursts of activity helps me avoid last-minute frenzy. Even if you only bake a couple different types of cookies, I hope some of these tips are useful.

(You can download a pdf of these tips here)

Keep a Prep List– Make a prep list like a restaurant chef. Consider what cookies you’d like to have and how much time you can spend baking. (Often, I make enough for a couple of family gatherings and enough extra cookies to share with friends). A list helps me gauge what is feasible, because I am congenitally overambitious.

Mix It Up –The fattest folder in my recipe files says COOKIES. It’s like shopping seed catalogs.