Sunday, January 24

Fireplace Wood Grilled Jerk Game Hens

Fireplace Wood Grilled Jerk Chicken vertical

Nothing says summer like grilled chicken. Pair the bird with the flavors of Jamaica and I’ve escaped the winter doldrums. As long as I don’t look outside that is. Here we’re splitting game hens, slathering them in jerk marinade and grilling them in our home fireplace. Of course you can cook them on a gas grill on in the oven for that matter. But if you’re adventuresome, cooking in the fireplace has many rewards. The


Wood Grilled Hanger Steak, Green Anchovy Butter, Grilled Radicchio

Robust, flavorful cuts of meat love a wood fire. The smoke coats the meat with a layer of flavor sealing in the meat’s juiciness. Wood grilled hanger steak is a family favorite. The lean meat comes from an interior muscle that sees little action. The cut, called onglet in French, is tender and flavorful, a bistro favorite. We slather it with a pungent green anchovy butter made with kale and scallions. Hanger steak consists of


Saturday, January 23

Rose Almond Butter Cake

Rose Almond Butter Cake on striped fabric with vinatge Valentines

This Rose Almond Butter Cake has a tight crumb and rich buttery flavor without being too sweet. Rose powder in the batter along with orange flower water and a garnish of freeze-dried raspberries give the cake its subtle floral notes. The batter includes blanched almond flour, one of my secret ingredients, as well as cake flour. When I open my next bakery, this will be my signature cake. Almond flour does not absorb liquid as


Wednesday, January 13

Healthy Baking with Almonds

Orange Almond Chiffon Cake made with fine blanched almond flour, healthy baking with almonds

Almonds are the secret ingredient in classic and modern baked goods. Think French macarons, financiers and frangipane. And almonds croissants too. And almonds are my go-to ingredient for making good-for-you treats. Healthy baking with almonds means adding almond flavor and a healthy halo to anything you bake, whether a cake or cookie, a quick bread or tart. Here is my outline of the ways to use almonds—in all their forms — as a stand in for less healthful ingredients in baking


"Let no man fancy he knows how to dine
Till he has learnt how taste and taste combine."

-Horace, Satires, 2.4

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