Tuesday, January 21

Potato Black Pepper Herb Rolls

We crave comfort in winter, not to mention a release from routine. So, if you’re looking for something to go with this weekend’s stew, consider these Potato Black Pepper Herb Rolls.  You form the dough for these tender dinner rolls flavored with black pepper, fresh chives and parsley into an impressive crown shape. The dough mixes easily by hand or in a stand mixer. Using a combination of potato and wheat flours plus sugar and


Saturday, January 18

Chicken and Mixed Pasta Soup

Fast and fresh. How we want to cook right now. Chicken and Mixed Pasta Soup. You cook the pasta and make the soup with the pasta cooking water and some stock. A healthy and hearty bowl of scratch soup is on the table in 20 minutes. I made this with mista corta pasta sent to me by one of the oldest companies in Gragnano, Italy AKA Pastatown. Grazie Pasta Dimartino Use any short cuts of


Thursday, January 09

Penne Rigate Salsa di Pomodorini

Penne Rigate Salsa di Pomodorini

Ever eaten a bowl of spaghetti or a slice of basic pizza with the kind of tomato sauce that makes the pasta or dough sing? One in which the flavor of the tomatoes is pronounced. You get that naturally sweet taste with a lingering savoriness? That’s the kind of tomato sauce I dream of, one that few home cooks, chef or restaurateurs master. The secret to such sauces is a quality tomato, minimally processed. In


2020 Food Writing Class at Gateway in New Haven starts 1/23/2020

2020 Gateway Community College Food Writing Class

Have you been tempted to tell your food story?  Do you follow the food news as closely as some watch MSNBC or CNN? Addicted to Chopped? Active in the food justice movement? An avid reader of cookbooks and food memoirs? If any of these describe your interest in food, consider joining me at Gateway Community College this semester. Our 2020 Food Writing Class at Gateway in New Haven starts 1/23/2020. For the past six years,


"Let no man fancy he knows how to dine
Till he has learnt how taste and taste combine."

-Horace, Satires, 2.4

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