Friday, June 26

Sourdough Parchment Crackers

Sourdough Parchment Cracker

For anyone that loves crunchy foods, these Sourdough Parchment Crackers are for you. Sturdy yet paper thin, they deliver the kind of snap I cannot resist.  I call them parchment because you can see right through them. Delicate yet crisp, I defy you to eat just one. Jump to Recipe With everyone exploring sourdough bread making, there is a good deal of starter to discard. (For the uninitiated, when you make starter to leaven your


Wednesday, June 17

Apricot Cherry Frangipane Tart

Apricot Cherry Frangipane Tart close up with fork

Anytime I see ripe fresh apricots I buy them.  Apricot growers have upped their game. New storing techniques help preserve their flavor.  Now they entice enough to inspire me to make desserts like this Apricot Cherry Frangipane Tart. Jump to Recipe To make this tart, I adapted the sweet tart dough recipe from On Baking, the textbook I co-author. Sweet tart dough bakes into a crisp shortbread-like crust. Use it when you are making a


Thursday, June 04

Sourdough Crackers

Sourdough Crackers

Anyone who gives life to sourdough starter knows that it is a hungry pet. You feed the flour and water mixture with more flour and water twice a day, just like the family dog. You end up with a bubbling vat of starter capable of making a billowy loaf of bread.  And a lifetime commitment to keep the thing alive. Sourdough Crackers help use up some of the excess starter.  And they are addictingly good. 


"Let no man fancy he knows how to dine
Till he has learnt how taste and taste combine."

-Horace, Satires, 2.4

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