Tuesday, December 05

Take 5: Professional Copper Cookware Basics

Professional Copper Cookware

Ninety percent of U.S. consumers replace their cookware every ten years, a fact I learned listening to a cookware trend seminar recently. In a household with pots and pans from the 1970’s in daily use, this shocks me.  Then again, there is a trend towards better cookware. People must be trading up. We cook in the same professional copper cookware we used professionally over 30 years ago. Some of our pans are even older; Charlie


Frøsnapper Danish Marzipan Pastry Twists

The frøsnapper is a twist of Danish pastry filed with marzipan cream that’s dipped in poppy and sesame seeds before baking. Danes eat this buttery, crunchy, nutty and almondy pastry as a snack with coffee. In my next life, may I come back as a kid who eats frøsnapper after-school each day. Although making Danish pastry is a small project, frøsnapper are easy to make. Give yourself a couple of days to produce these.  Make


Shortbread Bars with Marzipan Cream, Chocolate and Dried Cherries


These Shortbread Bars with Marzipan Cream, Chocolate and Dried Cherries win many fans. With the varied colors and pops of silver, they stand out on our seasonal cookie tray. These bar cookies consist of a layer of crumbly shortbread topped with an almond filling, chocolate chips, dried fruit and roasted salted almond chunks.  Kosher salt  in the dough adds a pleasant contrast to the sweet almond topping. Be creative with what goes on last. Butterscotch


Friday, December 01

Biscotti di Vino, Red Wine and Sesame Biscotti

Sometimes a modest sweet and savory cookie delivers as much pleasure as a decadent chocolate one.  That’s the case, for me anyway, with these Biscotti di Vino, red wine and sesame biscotti. They are crisp yet easy to chew.  They are sweet and savory with nutty notes from sesame and a hint of wine. I first tasted this type of cookie when Di Camillo Bakery in Buffalo introduced them to specialty food stores in 1979.


Monday, December 04

Fresh Garlic Parsley Scallion Cheese Spread

Fresh Garlic Parsley Scallion Cheese Spread with romesco

Charlie calls this combination Priscilla Boursin. It’s Fresh Garlic Parsley Scallion Cheese Spread you can use as a centerpiece on a  charcuterie board. If, like me, you crave fresh foods during Eating Season, consider making this simple spread to serve with raw and blanched vegetables, stuffed in cherry tomatoes and baby sweet peppers or spread on sandwiches. Jump to Recipe This creamy spread comes together in a few minutes using a stand mixer or stiff


"Let no man fancy he knows how to dine
Till he has learnt how taste and taste combine."

-Horace, Satires, 2.4

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