Tuesday, December 26

What’s for Dinner in 2018?

Tinned Imported Wild Mushrooms 2

Is hummus the new salsa? Plant-based foods are what’s for dinner in 2018.  That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it. Venerable restaurant consultant Michael Whiteman predicts that plant-based dining will be the restaurant trend of 2018. What’s taking restaurateurs so long?  Home cooks know to eat their veggies. Here’s my take on vedge centric food trends in 2018 and beyond.  I cannot wait to get cooking. Mighty Mushrooms Delicious and complex plant-based cooking will


Wednesday, December 20

Story Telling with a Focus on Food

Priscilla Martel, Food Writing Class

In 2015, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum initiated a living exhibit called Your Story, Our Story. The project tells the history of immigrant families through objects passed down through the generations. Originally a hands-on project with NY City school kids, Your Story, Our Story is now open to anyone as an ever-evolving online exhibit. Students in my Food Writing class at Gateway Community College and I will use this project to jump start the


Monday, December 18

Linzer Torte Cookies

Linzer Torte Cookie

One of the first desserts I made at Restaurant du Village was Linzer Torte. The blend of ground nuts and warm spices appealed to me then as is does now, the tart jam offset by the buttery crust. As a desert after a meal, a wedge of Linzer Torte is little heavy for the way we eat today.  That’s why I make these Linzer Torte Cookies instead, whether for the holidays or for a special


Monday, December 04

Maple-Glazed Goat’s Cheese, Caramelized Squash, Toasted Pepitas

Maple-Glazed Goat’s Cheese, Caramelized Squash, Toasted Pepitas

If you’re looking for an unexpected holiday appetizer, consider this Maple-Glazed Goat’s Cheese, Caramelized Squash, Toasted Pepitas. The slightly warmed cheese with its light gloss of maple syrup pairs well with the sweet flavors in the squash. See the recipe here or continue reading. In November, Jason Sobocinski introduced a group of us to some newer ways to entertain with French goat’s cheese. Jason, the owner of Caseus in New Haven, created a lovely spread


"Let no man fancy he knows how to dine
Till he has learnt how taste and taste combine."

-Horace, Satires, 2.4

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