Tuesday, January 11

Flavorful Foods and Trends for 2022

Throughout the year, I scour food web sites and magazines, food companies and food retailers, trade journals and industry sources looking for patterns. And there are so many flavorful food trends for 2022. Those that interest me land in a few categories, truly new flavors, new or more widely available specialty ingredients, new ways of serving food or patterns of eating. Here are some that stick out because I’ve been eating them already. Superior Dried


Thursday, January 06

Food Writing Returns to Gateway Community College Feb. 2, 2022

Food Writing Books for 2022

Have you been tempted to tell your food story?  Has your pandemic reading included a deep dive into contemporary cookbooks? Do you follow the food news as closely as some watch MSNBC or CNN? Addicted to The Great British Bake Off? Active in the food justice movement? If any of these describe your interest in food, consider joining me at Gateway Community College this semester. Our 2022 Food Writing Class at Gateway in New Haven


"Let no man fancy he knows how to dine
Till he has learnt how taste and taste combine."

-Horace, Satires, 2.4

They're here!