One of life’s great pleasures is meeting inspired and inspiring people.  Among them in my life is Dorie Greenspan, Connecticut neighbor, friend, baker, cook and writer extraordinaire.  This is why I was so pleased to be invited to interview Dorie for a Baking with Dorie Book Talk at the Essex, Connecticut Public Library in November of 2021.

Although we met Dorie and Michael Greenspan decades ago, its only been in the past 7 or 8 years that we have spent so much time together. With the pandemic grounding us, we shared more than a few meals, emails and phone calls.  Believe me, a dinner invite to their house is one you’ll always accept.

Gougères and carefully chosen wine followed by a leisurely meal at their broad welcoming table. Perhaps a moist side of salmon cooked à point or a pot of sticky Asian-flavored beef ribs.  We sampled a number of treats destined for Baking with Dorie during their experimental stages. (Dorie is meticulous in all things especially recipe development and tweaking.) S’Mores Ice Cream Cake, chocolate-dipped cream puff sticks, brioche sticky buns and a savory mushroom galette that I hope to make this weekend.

Her writing draws in the reader in unexpected ways, precise recipe details with tips to give you leeway to invent. And her humor, which was on display in our Zoom chat.  You can watch is here.